5 Strategies for planning the perfect event

Anyone in the industry will know that most events will present some unique challenges. Here are the five core strategies we believe are essential when it comes to event planning for wowing your participants, whatever the event – you’re welcome!

1. Clearly define success and set goals. Start with a purpose and vision, then work backwards.

2. Prepare for the “what if” scenarios. You get one chance to knock an unexpected situation out of the park. No matter how experienced you are, you can always practice and learn more.

3. Vet every member of the team. Each vendor needs to represent the highest quality with utmost dedication to the event. You are only as strong as your weakest link, so make sure everyone is committed.

4. Budget appropriately. Instead of spending only on highly visible areas of the event, make sure each vendor has a fair budget.

5. Celebrate success. Send handwritten notes to thank all of the vendors you employ. People who feel appreciated tend to go beyond the call of duty in terms of hours, commitment, and energy. Acknowledge them, and they will line up to work with you.

These strategies are simple, but they have proven effective time and time again – even in the most complex and challenging scenarios.

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