7 Fresh Ways to Incorporate Branding in Corporate Events

Take advantage of every possible opportunity to really own your event, not just splash your logo around.

With an original design strategy, a corporate event is a great opportunity to reinforce your brand. That’s why every design detail should enhance your brand message, from tablescape ideas to overall décor.

1. Start with Table Design
Don’t just splash your logo on every surface—weave your brand colors into the design for a more subtle, and more effective, approach. Use washes of light in brand colors, spilling across the table, accented by interesting centerpieces and glassware. Add brand products to floral arrangements for a whimsical touch, or use products as risers for your other table design elements.

2. Photo Ops Turn Attendees Into Brand Advocates
Employees, customers, and prospective clients attending your event can become your brand advocates. Create several photo zones, with your brand message visible in products, banners, or other elements. Attendees will share their selfies and group photos on social media, furthering your brand and ramping up online visibility. Post your company’s handle and hashtag where it is easily seen so your attendees can tag you. Have your own photographer roaming and engaging the crowd so attendees can be immortalized on your social media pages.

3. Food Design and Branding
Incorporate your brand into your food presentation. Dessert plates can enhance your brand with chocolate designs, your logo, or specific messages appropriate to your theme. Add your logo or message to chargers, in food color design, or with branded glassware for even more impact.

4. Branding on Corporate Gifts
Event attendees love freebies—make them work for you by selecting a unique gift for every place at the table. Think beyond the expected—go with custom-branded water bottles, fidget spinners, or, for high-budget events, branded Bluetooth earbuds, or another gift that will be functional and frequently used.

5. Dance Floor? Brand It.
If you are having a cocktail party with dancing, brand the dance floor with vinyl for a splashy design element that incorporates your company logo. Who wouldn’t want their brand subconsciously associated with fun and pleasure?

6. Weave Your Theme into Every Element
Choose a theme that ties into your mission statement and carry that theme through every design element. For example, a Western-themed conference could showcase your brand in barbed wire. For a high-tech vibe, get attendees to download an app that offers push notifications about what’s next and includes ongoing, engaging short videos about your brand.

7. Make it Fun
People love a competition, and games can bring a fun vibe to your event. Create a unique game that gives clues to attendees about how to discover hidden company logos or branded gifts or surprises, and create a special hashtag for the contest. The game leads to a larger valuable prize. At the end of the day, the winner gets the prize and your brand gets mentions all over social media — everybody wins.

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